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Birthday Kimono

After desperately trying to cling on to my mid-twenties for as long as possible, last week I waved the white flag and finally embraced turning 27. I decided that approaching my 30s shouldn’t be something to mourn, but in fact something that should be celebrated; after all, it’s not everyone that gets to reach this age so I am very blessed. So enough with the mushy stuff, I’m sure you lovely readers of Jade’s blog don’t want me rambling on!

So onto what I wore: We had pretty decent weather on the day (June 24th ) so I decided to expose a bit (actually a lot) of leg and wore a lovely draped H&M jersey dress paired with my new stunning River Island Kimono, courtesy of the boyf, and my trusty Nike wedged trainers. A typical Lydia look, some would say.

As I type, I’m sure Jade is laying on a pictoresque Spanish beach, sipping a sangria and topping up her tan.

I’m sure you can detect the jealous undertones in that sentence LOL.

I guess this is adiós for now.

For more ‘Lydia-ness’, I blog here: Bits of This and That blog



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