Holiday Haul Featuring Primark, H&M, New Look and River Island

Happy Sunday Lovelies!

Ok so I’ve gone spending wild lately and it’s all because of my holiday that’s coming up!

I know it’s only Spain, but I thought it’s about time I treated myself to a few pretties for the sunshine.

 I’m going to our house in Spain so it’ll be lovely to get away and relax in the sunshine with all the comforts of our home here.

We have Wifi and Sky (not that I’ll be using them) I plan sipping cocktails and tanning by the pool!

I’m in desperate need of some mind and soul down time… I have been far too stressed with work and my degree lately.

I didn’t want to go too mad with spending so I tried to stick with the shops that are really cost effective.

I got majority of my purchases from Primark and H&M and I couldn’t resist a little number from River Island.

I’m a sucker for white. I love white with a tan and it’s such a gorgeous fresh colour that you can’t really go wrong with on holiday.

I’ve been totally crushing over Grafea bags and I am in absolute love with Grafea ‘Wild at Heart’ which if you don’t already know, it is a gorgeous white leather backpack with like black and white leopard print to the front. It is just gorgeous and I’ve wanted one for ages! They retail around £170. Not quite in my budget range at present!

  To my surprise in Primark they have a lush plain white backpack in faux leather, but it looks really nice! I thought at Primark prices how could I go wrong. If it scuffed or discoloured I wouldn’t be so devastated.

Grafea ‘Wild at Heart’ // £170 –  Primark Backpack // £9.00

I also wanted to have a varied palette of clothing, I love bright colours and Summer is by far my favourite season! I’ve got a few plain items so that I can mix and match them with other items I’m taking with me. I don’t even mind clashing the odd print. If you know me you know that I seriously love my leopard print and I’m not afraid to say it! I don’t know why, it just appeals to me. I’m fussy on the kind of leopard print it is though, some can be quite tacky. I’ve got to draw a line somewhere.

For around the pool I like to have a comfy dress I can put on or a kaftan. In H&M they have both a leopard print jersey dress and a leopard print kaftan and as I couldn’t quite make up my mind which one I needed more, so I chose both! Oops! I definitely don’t need anymore kimonos but managed to add two more to my collection! The pale pink with grey floral print is lush! Looks so girly and pretty on. To boost my colour pallet I went with a neon coral kimono also from H&M to maybe wear with a denim dress I have or even with the white scallop lace dress I got from H&M. To top off my bright pink costume I will be wearing my flower garland from Primark to keep the hair out of my face, perfect little find for a nifty £4!

This was the result of my shopping spree! Some gorgeous pieces from H&M! Bags from Primark and Sliders and a beautiful maxi dress from River Island.

I absolutely love that sliders (Birkenstock style flip flops) are totally in this season! I have about 4 pairs so I didn’t have to go out and buy more. I did however come across the most beautiful gold pair in River Island so couldn’t leave them there. They were meant to be mine. The last pair and in my size. I think it was fate! (So I tell myself.)

In the white lovin’ phase I’m going through at the moment I stocked up on white items from Primark. I got a gorgeous quilted makeup case with a cute little bow with gold detail on the front, to match the oversized white bag I also purchased from Primark of course. Such a bargain! £3 for the makeup bag and £9 for the bag. Now if those prices don’t excite you as a fellow bargain hunter I don’t know what will!

I know a lot of bloggers have this camera case and I have seen a couple of people carrying them and although I’m not one to like having something someone else has it got a hold of me. I searched for stylish camera cases and there is just nothing out there! This camera case fits my Canon SLR in perfectly! So I bit the bullet and purchased it, even if I just use it for holiday, its just such a handy piece to have without carrying my giant ugly camera case around. At a cheeky £6 from Primark how could I say no?!

To even out my white love I have actually brought a colourful array of items for the evening. Starting with the most gorgeous dress from River Island, again going with the leopard print which is combined with a colourful floral motif. I could not have been more in love when I spotted it. Not only that but I saw that it was ON SALE! Down from £35 it’s now £25.

How is it that when you queue up you spot something else in the corner of your eye that you just can’t live without! The necklace might aswel have been calling my name it was that beautiful, a gorgeous  jewel encrusted chain of fabulousness !

River Island Black Leopard and Floral Print Maxi Dress // £25  –  River Island Gold Tone Gem Encrusted Necklace // £18

Last but not least, if you follow me on Twitter you will see I purchased a New Look pair of sunglasses which are a cute copycat of Quay Australia’s Frankie Frame. Not obviously as amazing as their range but a great cheap alternative for £5!!!! I Love the pink tone in the retro clear frame. The Quay Australia ‘Frankie’ glasses retail at approx. $45…

New Looks Clear Frame Sunglasses // £5  –  Quay Australia Sunglasses ‘Frankie’ Frame // $45

Now that I have finished sharing with you my purchases, I should really be packing these items in my suitcase, but in true Jade style I will be packing tomorrow when I have finished my additional final bits and bobs shop! Eeeek. 

Thank you for reading my post, please feel free to leave a comment and let me know your thoughts!

Feel free to check out my new youtube channel I hope you like it.

This is my last post before I go away so stay tuned for some fabulous guest bloggers I have lined up for my blog! I’m super excited to read their posts!

Have a fabulous week lovelies.

Much Love

Jade Jenna




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